About this site

You can read here why I choose Ikiwiki

Whats still to do

  • populate the pages
    • create content!
  • integrate my internal network monitoring in this site
  • implement proper templates
  • put proper meta-tags to the articles

Whats already working :)

  • enable satellite on my laptop
  • As you can see: The Wiki itself is there
  • enable Sitemaps/Indexpage
  • enable ?WebCgi-Editing
  • enable GIT-VCS
  • create a blog

What I'm having trouble with :(

  • get used to git (VCS usage at all)
  • dokumentation of ikiwiki is not the best. Some cases are very detailed, some problems have a quick overview of the solution ... the overall overview of the inner workings of ikiwiki and all the plugins are left to the sourcecodereader :(
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