monitoring network-collisions counter with munin

As a Q&D-Hack I needed to monitor the values of the collisions-counter on my machine.

I'm already using munin, so I had to tweak that.

Because the if_err_ script already takes values from /proc/net/dev I just changed that script for the moment. Here is the patch:

    root@zeroone:/etc/munin/plugins# diff   if_err_eth0 if_colls_eth0 
    < INTERFACE=`basename $0 | sed 's/^if_err_//g'`
    > INTERFACE=`basename $0 | sed 's/^if_colls_//g'`
    <       echo "graph_title $INTERFACE errors"
    >       echo "graph_title $INTERFACE collisions"
    <       echo "graph_info This graph shows the amount of errors on the $INTERFACE network interface."
    >       echo "graph_info This graph shows the amount of collisions on the $INTERFACE network interface."
    <         print "rcvd.value " $3 "\ntrans.value " $11 \
    >         print "rcvd.value " $3 "\ntrans.value " $14 \

Further idea could be to integrate with the error-plugin, if time allows.