Why IkiWiki

After some years without a "homepage" I decided, I would need to go public with my work, what I'm dooing, what I'm interested in. So I needed a solution for a website, that fitted my needs in the current way I work.

I didn't want a securityhole like these big Blog or Wiki engines I've heard of like Wordpress or Serendipity -- thats to much overhead for me.

I wanted some trivial stuff:

  • simple. flat file storage
  • static html
    • for file-delivery in readonly-mode there's no need for any PHP or Perl or SQL stuff -- generate the pages and be done
    • have it possible to take the site with me without a webserver, only on a usbstick
  • versioning in a regular VCS
  • ability to use this all in a "disconnected" way, so I can have some kind of staging on my Laptop and later push it on the real site
  • OTOH I wanted to be able to modify the Site online via Web when I'm on the road.
  • I don't need these Web2.O-Bells'n'Whistles - I want a slim solution.

I stumbled over the Ikiwiki by Joey Hess and found it very suitable. It seems to go exactly in line with my requirements ... so far, thanx Joey