The namingscheme of the boxes in mynetwork are derived from the Matrix-universe.

There are already different boxes installed with names from the universe:

  • ?Zion - My "old" homeserver, offline. Only the data exists somewhere. I have to find some suitable hardware, to scratch some of the backups from it ...
  • ?Link - the old Firewall/Gateway in my parents home. Still running to provide an VPN-Tunnel
  • ?Morpheus - My fathers workstation. (gone with a blast. Yes, it made a loud bang and everything inside looks like its been burned)
  • ?Neo - My old workstation. Left it alone when i moved. it's a shame: Neo iss offline
  • ?Trinity - no longer exists

  • ?Nebuchadnezza - My notebook/workstation. Interestingly "nebuchadnezza" is a typo that exists now for ~5years, and I have no longer interest in renaming it to the correct "nebuchadnezza*r*"

  • ?Logos - A notebook in my current home, thats used as a "small server" for different things (provides VPN-Tunnel and mpd-jukebox)
  • ?Osiris - An NAS-Device with ~2TB Datastorage @home
  • ?Zeroone - A Server running at the hoster. It's running Xen to provide multiple hosts for different services.
  • ?Ghost - Xen-DomU inside Zeroone for the Network-Managment.
  • ?Oracle - Xen-DomU inside Zeroone. The All-knowing Oracle is a host for backup and database
  • ?Niobe - Xen-DomU inside Zeroone. Niobe will provide frontend access to the backups and fileservices
  • ?Novalis - Xen-DomU inside Zeroone. Novalis is this host, running the webserver and the official website as well as an jabber-server.
  • ?Smith - Xen-DomU inside Zeroone. Smith is an Windows7-Machine .. hence its an "Agentname"
  • ?Seraph - Xen-DomU inside Zeroone. Seraph provides some internal services, like Jabber/XMPP and a filtering Proxy